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A classic comeback: the new Pokémon Snap release

A classic comeback: the new Pokémon Snap release

This well-experienced Pokémon Snap celebrates its release for the Nintendo Switch on April 30, 2021, after 20 years. Pre-order your game now, and just in time for release, plunge into the adventure of colorful shots with “New Pokémon Snap”.

Do you love to travel and take pictures for life? No, it’s not about selfies and Snapchat filters, but you hold a Nintendo key in your hand and snap unforgettable photos on a Pokémon safari.

The previous “Pokémon Snap” was actually the last time on the Nintendo 64 – and 20 years later, on April 30, 2021, it will be released for the Nintendo Switch. In the adventure game “New Pokémon Snap”, you go on an expedition to Lentil and take pictures of more than 200 Pokémon in their natural habitat. This dynamic game targets every curious researcher – from young to old, from amateurs to professional photographers, and from beginners to experts.


Nintendo New Pokemon Snap (Switch, ML)

In the case of release articles, we’ll send your order out exactly one day in advance, so your game will be in the mailbox or ready for pick-up on the day of the release. So the fun can start on time and you can take the first pictures on the weekend.

Your mission

  • Enjoy the diverse Pokemon world and take lots of unique shots for your photo album. In the course of the game, you will learn completely new forms of expression, Pokemon behavior, and how you can use gadgets (keyword velvet cider).
  • Your photo collection is rated 1-4 stars by Professor Mirror: This is how you create your Fotodex in “New Pokémon Snap” (can be compared with a testimonial).
  • Your score on Fotodex depends, among other things, on your Pokemon’s position, size, position in the photo, and the direction in which it is viewed toward the camera. Enhance your photos in Fotodex with the help of various filters, stamps, effects and frames.
  • Document the mysterious Lumina phenomenon and reveal the mystery of the mysterious glow: in lentils you will notice strange glow in plants and Pokemon under certain conditions.
  • Share your unique rocking pen shape online and show your achievement to the new Pokémon Snap community.
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Your equipment and the environment

  • You are in the picturesque Lentil region and its many islands. Diverse landscapes await: wide beaches, impenetrable jungles, colorful underwater worlds or arid deserts. And in the middle, of course, are the elements of your image: more than 200 wild and colorful Pokemon.
  • Always with you: your camera. On your photo tour, don’t go on foot, but rather fly through the wilderness in this safe, ultra-modern “Neo-One-Mobil”.
  • Your research team doesn’t just consist of you – an emerging photographer – and Professor Mirror. Rita – an intelligent research assistant and a super-enthusiastic elephant complete the team.
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Pokemon world

You were not born as a talented photographer, but you describe yourself as a Pokémon fan: so the journey through the Pokémon Sword or the Pokémon Shield is well worth it.

Pokemon sword


Nintendo Pokemon sword

Still missing the appropriate controller or accessories for your adapter? Here you will find the right Nintendo lineup.

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Goodbye – your photo journey can begin.