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A catastrophic heat wave hit southern Europe! Up to 50 degrees! Is the record broken now? Meteorology

Large parts of Italy and almost all of southeastern Europe feel the sweltering desert air. For several consecutive days, the values ​​are 45 degrees or more and 50 degrees in the realm of the possible.

The hot sirocco has been blowing desert air in southeastern Europe for some time. However, what begins on Sunday can only be described as catastrophic. The heat pushes the values ​​first to 40 degrees and then over the course of the week to 45 to 50 degrees. The brutal heat spreads over southern Italy, Greece, Albania, northern Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.

The intense heat lasts for about a week before the cold air from the north removes the superheated air masses.

Heat wave in southern Europe: new records are possible

On July 10, 1977, 48.0 degrees were measured in Athens. This is still the hottest record for Europe. This record will be shaken a lot in the coming week. In both Greece and Turkey, the values ​​can break the 50 degree mark locally.

Heat records can also be set in other countries. It is not yet clear how far a heat wave can penetrate the north and then also affect Hungary and Croatia. But what is certain is that it will be very hot in Italy and Greece.

Extreme heat can quickly become very dangerous. The circulatory system in particular can be stressed, so special care is required. Temperatures between 45 and 50 degrees no longer shower weather. Jumping in the water can cause circulation problems just as quickly as staying outside for a long time.

Extremely cold air conditioning systems can also be dangerous – especially in cars. If the air conditioning is set to too cold, there is a risk of thermal shock later. If you get out of a cold car, there is a risk of circulation problems.

Warm Mediterranean: the medical season is the most likely

As the heat increases, the risk of forest fires increases in all of southern Europe, which can hardly be higher at the moment. Wildfires are expected to spread across southern Europe. Now, nearly 2.5 times more fires have been recorded than the average. Naturally, you can expect 419 fires by the end of July, but this year there are more than 1,000.

Currently unprecedented heat may affect the storm season in the Mediterranean in the fall. The water is already hot and warm from 2 to 3 degrees on the surface. Given the constant heat, it can be assumed that the water will be much warmer. Then, in the fall, the Medicanes will become more likely. These are hurricanes similar to hurricanes in the Mediterranean.

Since the Mediterranean is relatively far north and is relatively small, true tropical cyclones are not possible, but severe storms are. Medicanes are among the most powerful extratropical storms and can be very destructive. Autumn is Medicane time. This year could be a tough season due to the heat.

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