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A bushfire near Perth, Australia

A bushfire near Perth, Australia

In southwestern Australia, hundreds of firefighters are battling wildfires near the Perth metropolitan area. Emergency services yesterday warned of a risk to lives and buildings due to “increasing fire conditions”. Neighbors were asked to evacuate their homes.

According to the emergency services, the fire broke out the day before yesterday. Since then, around 2,600 hectares have been burnt. Around 240 firemen are working to douse the fire. The fire is still not under control and is spreading in many directions.

Temperature above 40 degrees

According to media reports, at least one house has already been destroyed in the town of Bindoon, about 60 kilometers northeast of Perth city centre. It was said that due to the intense heat, the extinguishing work would be difficult. Perth recorded a temperature of 40.7 degrees on Saturday, AAP news agency reported.

Authorities have warned that Australia's spring and summer will be the most violent bushfire season since the devastating “black summer” of 2019/20. Australia is particularly affected by climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's 2022 report projects that the country will be hit by more frequent catastrophic natural events in the future.