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A British broadcaster accidentally reveals a surprise party

A British broadcaster accidentally reveals a surprise party

February 17, 2024 at 1:12 pmFebruary 17, 2024 at 4:53 pm

A meteorologist accidentally revealed a planned birthday surprise on British television. After the weather report, I sat on the sofa with the evening show anchor. When casually asked if she was planning something nice for the weekend, she replied: “My niece's surprise birthday party.”

“Oh, that's nice,” her colleague replied. “But it's not surprising to see this.” The weatherman noticed her little mistake at that moment and had to laugh heartily: “Oh my god, you ruined the surprise.”

The scene from Friday's BBC regional program 'North West Tonight' has been commented on online with a great deal of humour. “That was so funny,” one person wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Another comment said:

“The moment you realize that the conversation between colleagues is not happening over the water cooler, but live on BBC One, is a wonderful moment.”

According to the Palestinian news agency, another user said: “In a time of high stress, you should just enjoy it.”

BBC North West also shared the excerpt on the (SAW/SDA/DPA)

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