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A breeze brings rain and snow.  At first a violent storm breaks out, then spring returns.

A breeze brings rain and snow. At first a violent storm breaks out, then spring returns.

Swiss weather flash

What will the weather be like in Switzerland in the next 24 hours? Here you are informed of everything important!


It will be uncomfortable: in the afternoon the storm will sweep the lowland breeze at a speed of up to 100 km / h and bring torrential rains, especially in western Switzerland. The weather only calms down on Saturday.

Are balcony plants connected well? Hopefully, because strong westerly winds will reach Switzerland on Thursday afternoon. The SRF-Meteo weather service expects winds of 70-100 km/h in the lowlands, and hurricane strength of 150 km/h in the mountains. Meteorologists are warning of a “high risk of storms” in French-speaking Switzerland and in the lowlands.

There was already a first taste of a storm breeze: The Meteonews weather service measured gusts of more than 80 km/h in the lowlands. The wind whistle is faster through the Rünenberg BL, measuring 91.8 km/h. But also at Würenlingen in Aargau (89.6 km/h) and at Hallau SH (84.6 km/h) some shutters have shaken. and the cam From Zug Marina, the first white peaks on the waves of Lake Zug are visible.

The storm didn’t explode so quickly: SRF-Meteo writes that relaxation can only be expected on Saturday afternoon. The strongest phases are expected on Thursday afternoon until evening, and on Friday evening until about midnight.

According to forecasts, a stable high pressure setting will start from Sunday, which will set the weather on the north side of the Alps until Easter and include temperatures of around 20 degrees.

Winter is back in the mountains

It is not only windy, but also wet in some places: according to SRF-Meteo, western Switzerland is said to receive the most precipitation, locally up to 70 mm. The ice line dropped to 1,500 meters on Thursday.

Winter returns to the mountains: MeteoNews expects there will be more than a meter of fresh snow locally in the Bernese Oberland and Valais by Saturday evening, and between 20 and 50 centimeters of snow is expected in eastern Switzerland. Both weather services warn of an increased avalanche risk.

After all, the southern side of the Alps was largely spared from the storm. According to SRF-Meteo, strong northerly winds are blowing, with temperatures reaching 19 degrees on Saturday night.