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A ban on chip making machines in China

Similar to the USA, Japan restricts the export of some chip making equipment. Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura said on Friday that the ban applies to high technology that can be used for military purposes and is not targeted at a specific country.

A few weeks ago, the Netherlands also imposed a ban. ASML, the world’s leading provider of semiconductor equipment, is headquartered there. China accuses the United States of seeking “technological hegemony” with these measures. With no noteworthy chip production in Japan, the restrictions that will apply from July are a setback for equipment suppliers there such as Nikon or Tokyo Electron, said Takamoto Suzuki, chief economist for China at Marubeni Financial Group.

Takahiro Shinada, a professor at Tohoku University, objected that the loss of Chinese customers would be mitigated by increased demand in other regions of the world. Several new semiconductor plants are planned in the USA and Europe.