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A 5: 3 victory over the ZSC Lions – Peel opens the door to a wide-ranging play-off final – Sport


4 final balls

Cheering Bielers made one foot in the final.

Freshfocus / Urs Lindt

  • After a 5:3 home win over ZSC Lions, EHC Biel still missed a win to reach the final for the first time since the playoffs started in 1985/86.
  • After a scoreless first third, 7 goals were scored in the middle section: Bell entered the second period with a lead of 5: 2.
  • ZSC ended the goal drought after 162 minutes, but still got nothing.
  • In Seelander, 5 different players meet.

The good news reached hockey fans even before the first puck was thrown: Bell’s coach, Ante Turmannen, who had cancer again and had to undergo surgery over the weekend, is back in Bell’s gang. His presence seemed to inspire the team: Bale clearly drove the most sensitive blade of the ZSC Lions into a scoreless first third.

It quickly started scoring in the middle section, after just 25 seconds the puck was wiggling into the net. Those who expected a reaction from the guests were disappointed. On the contrary: Bill played himself in a frenzy. After Tony Rajala initially only fired from the outside of the post, the 32-year-old Finn made it 2-0 after a fine assist from Jiri Salinen.

Chris Baltisberger ends a 162-minute goal drought

Only then did the Zurich team regain its composure and score the first goal in this series in the semi-final thanks to Chris Baltisberger. The striker made it 1-2 after 162 goalless minutes.

But the effect of ketchup did not happen with black, the goal should not be a can opener. In the last three and a half minutes of the second half, 4 more goals were scored – 3 on Bell’s team:

  • 37 minutes: Jesper Olofsson restores a two-goal lead with the second Powerplay goal of the evening.
  • 38 minutes: Just 44 seconds later, Ramon Tanner increased it to 4:1.
  • 38 minutes: Again after 44 seconds, Mikko Leytonen breathed new life into the black with a score of 2:4.
  • 40 minutes: Zurich’s hopes were quickly dashed. Etienne Freudeau made it 5-2 22 seconds before the siren.

In the final section, the Zurich team created several good chances. But Harry Satre, who came back between two places in the second half after the break, could only be beaten by Garrett Rowe (55th).

This is how it goes

After losing their third in a row, the Lions are up against the wall and can’t afford to slip again. Game 4 of the best-of-7 series takes place in Zurich on Wednesday night.