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90s supermodel Linda Evangelista poses with a spoiled face

90s supermodel Linda Evangelista poses with a spoiled face

Linda Evangelista is dating for the first time after unsuccessful plastic surgery. She sued the beauty company for $50 million in damages.

The basics in brief

  • Linda Evangelista shows her “brutally disfigured” face for the first time.
  • After a failed cosmetic procedure, she hardly left her home.
  • I fell into a deep depression.

She was one of the most photographed people in the world, in one category With supermodels like Naomi CampBell and Claudia Schiffer. But in the past five years, Linda Evangelista (56 years old) has hardly been seen. The reason: a failed plastic surgery. It was “brutally mutilated”.

like them Instagram Wrote, the incident destroyed their livelihood. She is in cycle Deep depression, sadness and self-hatred please. she has afraid She had to meet someone who knew her, which is why she rarely leaves the house.

But that’s over now: The former supermodel posed on the cover of People Magazine and talks about her “nightmare.”

Already in September she informed her fans Instagram In detail: She wanted to use so-called cold sculpting to melt fat cells with cold. Three months later, she noticed hard bumps where she wanted to lose fat in the chest area, chin and thighs. Mistakes cannot be compensated for by diet and exercise.

a doctor Linda Evangelista was diagnosed with a rare side effect of the treatment: the body’s defenses stimulate fat rather than reduce it. Even liposuction cannot solve the problem.

Linda Evangelista also plans to sue Coolsculpting’s parent company. She is demanding 50 million dollars in compensation. Because she lost her identity.

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