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90% of Europeans are concerned about the development of the epidemic

90% of Europeans are concerned about the development of the epidemic

More than 90 percent of people are worried about the future, despite high vaccination rates, according to a study by the European Covid Survey (ECOS) and published in Hamburg on Friday.

According to the information, about 8000 people were interviewed in Germany, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain for this. The investigation has been repeated every two months since April 2020.

Great concern in Spain and Portugal

In Spain and Portugal in particular, the fear of mutations is great: 96 and 97 percent of those surveyed, respectively, are anxious according to the information. 75 percent of the Portuguese population was either very anxious or very anxious.

In Germany, these values ​​are much lower at 87 and 51 percent; About nine out of ten participants are concerned about this. According to the information, a similar picture appears when asked about the fourth wave in the fall: only 10% of Germans did not think about it, and 57%, on the other hand, have very great fears.

Europeans don’t want incentives to vaccinate

The majority in Europe reject vaccination incentives as in the United States or Israel. Whether it’s a $1 million restaurant voucher or lottery or €100 for a vaccination – 54 percent of all respondents are generally against such incentives; Another 27 percent are undecided.

According to the study, readiness for vaccination has increased in almost all the countries examined in recent months. It is now between 67 percent in France and 84 percent in Denmark and Great Britain.

“The increase can be explained in particular by the lower uncertainty,” said Jonas Schroog, scientific director of the Hamburg Center for Health Economics (HCHE) at the University of Hamburg. In Germany, for example, the number of people hesitating has fallen from 17 to 7 percent since April 2021, and the desire to vaccinate has risen from 67 to 74 percent in the same period.

Only about half of parents in the Netherlands and France will have their children vaccinated against the coronavirus. According to the survey, the greatest popularity is in Portugal and Spain, where nearly three out of every four adults vaccinate their children.