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9 private subway stations around the world

hidden treasures

Here you can see 9 amazing subway stations around the world

Filled with vegetation, majestic, or futuristic, these metro stations around the world make commuting an experience.


On a trip into the city, the subway is the fastest, but often the most uncomfortable mode of transport: crowded, dark, and hectic—not the most glamorous way to travel. But sometimes unimagined beauties hide underground, like those almost forgotten City Hall subway station in New York Offers.

Not only in New York, but also in other cities around the world, there are very special subway stations that make moving underground an experience. Click through selection in the photo gallery.

Triangle Station, Malmö: A 25-meter-high dome made of glass and steel makes Malmö’s Swedish underground station look almost futuristic from a bird’s eye view.

Imago Images/Westend61