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80 New Aircraft Wanted: Will ITA Make Airbus At Least A Little Happy?

80 New Aircraft Wanted: Will ITA Make Airbus At Least A Little Happy?

Italy’s new national airline ITA wants to quickly update its fleet. Airbus is clearly ahead in the race with Boeing. Big request is still not safe.

Boeing has amassed quite a few orders for really huge aircraft since the start of the coronavirus crisis. United Airlines has ordered 200 Boeing 737 Max aircraft, Ryanair increased its Max order by 75 aircraft Thinking about later this year 100737 Max 10 to order.

On the other hand, Airbus has received only one order since the beginning of the crisis, exceeding 25 aircraft. In addition to Boeing’s large order, United also ordered 70 A321 Neos. At the end of the first half of 2021, Airbus had 165 orders and 127 cancellations, so the minimum was only 38 aircraft.

It is clear that Airbus is waiting for us

European aircraft manufacturer can use a large order. So it is fitting that Alitalia’s successor, Italia Trasporti Aereo ITA, is currently soliciting bids for around 80 aircraft, the paper reported. Corriere della Sera mentioned. The airline plans to take off on October 15, initially with 52 old planes, mostly from Alitalia.

But starting in 2022, newer fuel-efficient models will be added, and by 2025, 81 of the 105 cars will be available. According to information from the newspaper, no decision has yet been taken, but Airbus should be ahead in the race.

ITA can fly Airbus A220-300

Boeing will have to bid at a high discount to turn things around. The US aircraft manufacturer could try to persuade ITA to switch to the 737 Max. Because Alitalia’s short and medium range fleet consists of Airbus aircraft. Airbus A330 and Boeing 777 are represented on long-haul routes.

However, in order to reduce complexity, ITA wants to rely on aircraft from a single manufacturer. According to information from Corriere della Sera, that could be about a dozen Airbus A220-300, 40 A320 Neo, five A321 Neo, 23 A330 Neo or A350. If so, and ITA became a pure Airbus airline, it would be a huge success for the manufacturer.

Many planes may have been chartered

However, there is a problem for Airbus: according to the newspaper, the airline needs planes faster than Airbus, which has free production space, and therefore it should prefer not to buy planes, but to acquire them through leasing companies. Depending on how the demand from already placed orders is met or not, the aircraft manufacturer may not receive a large demand immediately after all. But it may be smaller, but it is important. Because the production of long-haul aircraft Unlike short and medium flights, the A330 and A350 are not well used.