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7th place in the double world championship ÖSV Ganahl and Höfl – ÖSV

7th place in the world championship duet ÖSV Ganahl and Höfl

ÖSV/Weigl Image:
Daniel Janal and Armin Hoeffel in the team competition

Daniel Janal and Armin Hoeffel took an excellent seventh place in the team competition today at the World Ski Mountaineering Championships. Despite stunning falls in the open country, the duo managed to show a top performance in Boi Taüll, Spain.

At the World Ski Mountaineering Championships in Pui Taul, Spain, team competitions were on the program today, Thursday. For ÖSV, Daniel Janal and Armin Höfel were the only starting duo. The Vorarlberg-Styrian pair managed to finish seventh in a very strong field of sprinters over 2,000 metres. The later winning teams of Italy and France ran off the field from the start. Janal and Hövel positioned themselves in the tight field of the chasers and managed to split the pace well. After the first third of the distance, ÖSV consolidated to 7th place. On the penultimate downhill sprint in open terrain, Daniel Janal took off in the cracked crust. The man from Vorarlberg flipped over several times, but fortunately the 26-year-old remained uninjured. A stick broken as a result of a fall can be quickly replaced thanks to the intervention of a supervisor. On the final climb, the red-white-red duo picked up the pace again, but could not close the gap to the Norwegian team in front of them. The victory went to the Italian team with Robert Antonioli and Matteo Idaline, with a time of 1:56:28 minutes, an advance of about 51 seconds in front of the French, William Bon Mardion and Xavier Gachet. Behind them there was already a huge gap of more than 3 minutes to third-placed Davide Magnini and Nadir Maget of Italy. In the end, the ÖSV duo was 10:36 minutes behind the winning time.

There are no ÖSV women at first
The women’s race took place without the participation of Austria. Newly crowned vice world champion Sarah Dreyer and teammate Johanna Heimer prepare for the individual race on Saturday. Frenchmen Axel Gachet-Moularet and Amelie Harrop took the win with a time of 2:12:48 hours ahead of Italian duo Alba de Silvestro and Gilia Morada. Another team from France took the bronze with Celia Perillat-Besse and Candice Bonnell.


ÖSV/Weigl Image:Daniel Janal and Armin Hoffel celebrate the seventh place


Daniel Janal:
“It was quite casual from the start, especially with Armin as a team member. It worked great. I’m fine with long races. The longer I go, the faster I go. That was also the case today on the final climb, where we were able to pick up the pace again.” 7th place in the World Championships on such a strong field is really a great result for us and we can be proud of that.”

Armin Hoeffel:
“Teamwork was great with Daniel today. We always had a good base pace without overdoing it. So we were able to get through the long race really well. The last climb in particular was great because we were able to attack fully again. Great race and a great seventh place – we happy.”