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787 deliveries paused again: Boeing again halted with the Dreamliner

787 deliveries paused again: Boeing again halted with the Dreamliner

After a long hiatus, Boeing did not resume delivery of the 787s until March. Now there is another pause.

Different Problems in producing Dreamliner Boeing has been forced to halt delivery of the 787s for more than four months. But in March it started again. The US aircraft manufacturer initially delivered two Dreamliners to United Airlines in March. In April, nine Boeing 787s went to six different customers.

But Boeing is now stalling again. Like a newspaper Wall Street Journal Reported, the manufacturer has again halted deliveries. The reason is that the US Federal Aviation Administration is demanding more information on how to fix production problems. A Boeing spokesman said they were working to provide the authority with the required information in a timely fashion.

FAA takes a closer look

In fact, American Airlines was supposed to receive the Dreamliner this week, and now, according to the newspaper’s informants, it won’t be ready until next week at the earliest. However, it’s unclear how long the new delivery break will really last.

Shortly before deliveries began again in March, the Federal Aviation Administration made it clear that it was a Boeing Take a closer look at the future Dreamliner Fingers. Then, in April, it extended a purchase order Inspections of the pressure relief plate of the Model 787 Outside.