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78 hundred behind bronze - disappointed Swiss sprint relay in seventh place - sport

78 hundred behind bronze – disappointed Swiss sprint relay in seventh place – sport


The quartet around Mujinja Kampunge can’t match previous performances in the World Cup Final and they clearly miss out on any medals.

The dream of winning a world championship medal in the 4x100m relay has been shattered for the Swiss. Geraldine Frye, Mugenga Kampunge, Salome Cora and Agila del Ponte had to take seventh place in the final in Eugene in 42.81 seconds.

The last bad move

It gave the quartet a better rating, especially in the latest change, which didn’t quite work out. Del Ponte had to hit the brakes hard to get Cora’s stick into the transition zone. “I called her (Del Ponte, editor) Well, you have to stop,” Korra admits. “She had to almost hit the brakes. The change couldn’t be worse.” On the other hand, the start for Frey and Kambondje went well.

Despite the disappointment, Fry said, you can take the World Cup experience with you. Among other things, she mentioned the preliminary round that was contested without Kambundji and announced that she wanted to implement the positive aspects of the European Championships in Munich. As Del Ponte emphasized: “We have Munich ahead of us and we have to do something there.”

The coach considers changes

However, it is not clear in which lineup Switzerland will compete there. Coach Adrian Rothenbuller has indicated that he may reconsider his playing style: “Are there more sensible combinations? How can we engage strong reserve runners?” However, it is still too early to make a definitive analysis.

The United States takes the gold

The title went to the United States (41.14) where presenter Tanesha Terry beat the Jamaicans by four hundred favorites. Germany surprisingly took bronze (42.03), winning the first medal in title fights this year.