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7 tips on how to learn to deal with your fears

7 tips on how to learn to deal with your fears

Do you suffer from stage fright, sweaty anxiety, or even panic attacks every now and then? To be able to breathe deeply again in such moments, some simple techniques can help.

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These are the best tips against anxiety and stage fright

Who among us does not know these situations where all attention is focused on us and we feel that we have to provide service at any cost: Appearance of And Presentations It made life difficult for many of us at school, and things often don't look any different in adulthood. In a culture hostile to mistakes fear of failure High and low self-confidence. It's no wonder that the occasions when we find ourselves in the spotlight suddenly seem like a heavy burden on our shoulders. Fortunately, there are some useful tips to help you stage fright Can be moderate.

  1. Good preparation is the be all and end all.
  2. be specific.
  3. Breathing exercises, forest bathing, and music can help you relax.
  4. Just eat a small, light meal beforehand.
  5. Drink a glass of lukewarm water.
  6. Ask family, friends and partners for support.
  7. During a power outage, remind yourself not to panic.
  8. Have a plan B ready.

And what if it's not just a hint of stage fright and excitement, it's you He is afraid And Pure panic Come over? Although this can also happen in lecture situations, the feeling is usually deeper and is mainly caused by the following: Catalysts antiquities:

  • Painful experiences
  • mental illness
  • Physical illnesses
  • Phobia
  • Chronic anxiety
  • Family readiness

advice: For example, guide books can tell you how you can learn self-love. We also have tips on how to boost your self-confidence with simple exercises. Do you sometimes tend to be overly self-critical? 6 Signs You're Too Hard on Yourself Are You Too Sensitive? What are the signs and what you can do.

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These acute conditions lead to symptoms such as: Palpitations, heat, shivering, redness And I have Stress, irritation, and anxiety And Forgetting a result. If you encounter this multiple times, seek help from experts. The first step could be to visit your family doctor or you can try psychological counseling right away.

anxiety Beside Panic attacks In the worst case scenario, you feel like other people are controlling your life and you feel constant fear of the next time. In addition, you may first need to deal with certain events in your life before improvement can occur. So, seek professional help and also open yourself up to the people closest to you.

Do you want to try to control the whole thing yourself and are you looking for useful tips to calm yourself down? These steps can help.

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1. Accept fears

The first step to improvement is Acceptance. You don't have to feel guilty or ashamed of your fear. Everyone has fears inside them, to varying degrees. If you accept this situation, you can start to change something.

2. Find distraction

Are you already feeling the next wave of fear and panic coming your way? Search for yourself transformation! Call someone you trust, go for a walk, unleash your creativity – the main thing is to get other ideas.

3. Get someone involved

The only way to calm yourself down is to call or meet someone close to you when you feel anxious. It is even important to remind others Involved To allow at least one person into your life. You need someone you can open up to and trust. With these Negative feelings You definitely shouldn't Single Accommodation.

4. Eliminate negative influences

Find them the reasonsWhich raises fear and panic inside you. What is this all about? Do you have something? shock Experienced? Is there a big one? Stress factor In your life? Do you suffer from a mental illness such as fatigue or depression? Professional help can support you.

5. Take breaks

Sometimes life can get too much, especially when you feel like you can barely keep up. So take off your clothes regularly Grinding every day Get out, do something for yourself goodWhich gives you energy and lets work rest for a while. You can take care of this again later. Experience how you can bring more relaxation into your life in 5 steps.

This way you can positively impact your mental health

6. Talk about yourself

Affirmations, Appearances And herself to encourage Giving can be very powerful. You should never forget to believe in yourself and trust yourself. Then you can also deal with and organize your fears in difficult situations.

7. Find a routine

Routines can be very helpful when it comes to: Stress factors And Insecurity To eliminate. Find things that are good for you and that become part of your daily life every day, or at least regularly. These could be, for example, mediations, fixed wake and sleep times, walking, activities, or good food.