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7 pieces that look especially great on curvy women

7 pieces that look especially great on curvy women

3. High Waist Bikinis

Another swimwear trend designed for feminine curves is: High waist bikini. High-waisted panties also put the focus on the waist and put your body in the spotlight. However, the most important thing when buying a bikini is still the feeling you get: If you feel so comfortable in your two-piece that you’d rather not take it off, then it feels just right.

4. Ruffled swimsuits

Swimsuits with elaborate ruffles It is not only incredibly stylish, but also guarantees a great silhouette. Reason enough to put a piece with a great molding effect at the top of your shopping list. Best of all, the one-piece suit also cuts a nice shape as the top. we love!

5. Bikinis with a bust top

If the top does not fit correctly, then even the most beautiful bikini can look unflattering. Boobs of a given size can look for a way out of their bikini tops in particular. A light piece of cloth often has difficulty maintaining its weight. Bustier bikinis are ideal for larger breasts. Nothing can slip with a bodice—and it’s still very stylish.

6. Cut out the swimsuit

This season, classic swimwear gets a modern update and comes with a hot neckline: swimwear with deep leather flashes on the back will be a special feature at the pool or at the beach in the summer of 2021. It’s just the right thing for curvy women who want a look that’s clean with the factor. Dazzling for the warmest days of the year.

7. Wrinkle swimsuits

It’s going to be crumpled up this summer—at least when it comes to the latest swimwear styles! The ’90s trend we loved to wear when we were kids is back: cool, wrinkled-looking cuts that are a bit reminiscent of terry towels. By the way, one-piece suits made of crumpled fabric look especially beautiful on plump ladies. Favorite colors this season: purple, pink, orange or grassy green.