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7 out of 10 social fraudsters are from abroad: Serbs are ranked first

7 out of 10 social fraudsters are from abroad: Serbs are ranked first

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Last year, social fraud alone caused 20 million euros in losses. The majority of the perpetrators live in Vienna and 70 per cent are foreign nationals.

In 2021, there were officially 4,730 suspects of social fraud, the majority (2,400) of whom lived in Vienna. This came from a parliamentary question answered by the Minister of Interior last week. According to the task force responsible, seven out of ten alleged social fraudsters have a foreign passport.

Serbs in the first place
A detailed breakdown of nationality was also provided. While Austrians make up a third (1,384 of the suspected perpetrators), 3,346 foreign nationals are suspected of illegally receiving welfare benefits. In Vienna the ratio is 1,805 to 595.

Serbia tops the list of nationalities with 494 suspects, followed by Afghanistan (295), Russia (293), Germany (275), Syria (253), Bosnia and Herzegovina (179) and Turkey (178). The remaining crimes are divided among other nationalities, with 261 suspected cases of “of unknown origin”.

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