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Fritz Repeater 3000

7.27 Update for FritzRepeater – DIGITAL TELEVISION

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The new FritzOS from AVM is now also available for download for the FritzRepeater 3000. This goes hand in hand with improvements in LAN/WLAN.

Big update to FritzOS 7.27 for many AVM models from Fritzbox to Powerline on Monday (Digital TV reported) Now comes the FritzRepeater 3000. This means that the operating system of this model is also updated. In addition to many improvements, especially in terms of system stability and WLAN, the update also brings some new features.

On the other hand, this includes optimizing the automatic setting of the LAN connection between the Fritz Repeater and the FritzBox with Mesh. On the other hand, there is a newly designed wizard for setting up and changing the type of access between a WLAN bridge and a LAN bridge. In addition, several bugs were fixed, including vulnerabilities in handling incoming fragmented packets and bundled MPDUs (A-MPDUs) (“Fragattack”).

New featureWael Fritz 3000

  • Automatic setup of LAN connection from FRITZ! Repeater to FRITZ! Box with improved network
  • Redesigned wizards for setting and changing the type of access (WLAN Bridge / LAN Bridge)
  • System stability improvement استقرار
  • Improve WiFi stability
  • The time it takes to establish a connection to FRITZ is reduced! Box after pressing the (WPS) button big
  • Improved WLAN messaging under “System/Events”
  • The detection of multiple parallel WPS activations has been improved
  • DFS waiting time messages reviewed under ‘System/Events’
  • WLAN guest access name (SSID, default) depending on language selection
  • Improve the stability of WLAN guest access

A full overview of new features, improvements and bug fixes is available On the side of the arteriovenous malformation to exist. AVM also offers one on its homepage Online update function a.