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600 km of electric car range should not be enough for (current) BMWs >

With the i3, BMW had a newly developed electric car constantly in its range early on, only to take a certain step back this year, because the iX3, launched in the spring, is based on the regular X3’s combustion platform. In fact, unlike other manufacturers, BMW really wanted to stick with this mixed platform strategy for all kinds of driving over the long term, but in August it announced one New car design from 2025 ‘relentlessly electric’. Two new electric cars from BMW, unlike the i3 and iX3, already have a range of 600 km as does the Tesla – but according to an important manager it should not be more in the long run.

Update: However, this seems to be an individual opinion – work on more electric cars will not stop, BMW said in response to the report (see below).

Audi and Tesla leaders think similarly

“1,000 kilometers without recharging is not a goal we would achieve in our all-electric cars,” said David Ferrovino, responsible for BMW’s i4 electric car. Australian publication Which Car? Last week at a car conference. He also mentioned the value that the company considers sufficient for all of its fully electric cars: 600 kilometers. The report talks about 590 kilometers for the BMW i4 (see photo above), so the WLTP standard should apply and was designed in Australia as well as in Europe.

With BMW even plans to deliver an electric car to the iX before the end of this yearn, which in its large version has a longer range than the comparable Tesla Model X: 630 km on WLTP compared to 580 km on the Model X (although this should be a simple mileage conversion under stricter US EPA standards) . According to i4 manager Ferrufino, this should mark the end of the range expansion for BMW electric cars. After all, there have also been developments in charging and speed infrastructure, which have already made the electric car’s journey from Norway to Italy a “fun experience”.

He is not alone in this. So far, so far, Audi chief Markus Dussmann said in February Tesla has followed the trend towards ever larger batteries and therefore ranges. However, he expects over time to have smaller energy stores again, because the charging infrastructure, which has become better, allows this, Duesmann explained, similar to his BMW colleague now. And in fact, even Tesla chief Elon Musk has occasionally expressed himself in this direction: From 400 miles (640 km is well), extra range no longer plays a role, he said. After canceling the previously planned S Plaid + formIt must cover 835 EPA kilometers without reloading.

Lucid Air over 800 km

On the other hand, Tesla has not yet changed the advertisement on the Internet that the best electronic truck should have a range of over 500 miles. Other manufacturers are already going strong in this race. For now, Mercedes is discontinuing it EQS and up to 770 kilometers of WLTP is the crown of global range. Deliveries should start in September. And soon after that, the first Lucid Air itself should come in the USA Drive 837 km to the most stringent EPA standards before the battery is discharged.

Update: A BMW spokesperson told regarding a statement issued by the company to Which Car? pointed out. It is said that work on larger scales of electric vehicles will not stop According to a new report published in it. It can also be seen from this that the original statement about the range selection did not come from i4 boss Ferrufino, but from a press spokesperson. Therefore, BMW Australia did not answer the question of whether it was incorrect. The letter was to clarify one’s position, was the answer.