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6 Types of Buses Ancillo Canepa Should Consider for FCZ

6 Types of Buses Ancillo Canepa Should Consider for FCZ

Man to replace: Franco Voda sacked after poor results in Zurich.Photo: cornerstone

After Franco Foda failed to succeed master coach Andre Breitnerretter, Under-21 coach Genesio Collatella takes over temporarily. It may not be a permanent solution. We have 6 types of coaches that could be a perfect match for FC Zurich.

Moritz Meister

man show contestant

Heiko Herlich

With Heiko Herrlich, a Cannes coach, like André Breitenreiter, will already be assigned to Bundesliga Gain experience as a head coach. FCZ could also be an opportunity for Herlich to give his coaching career a new boost. At Jahn Regensburg, he was also able to prove that he could do a good job in a club with limited financial resources.

Heiko Herlich has been without a club since April 2021.

Heiko Herlich has been without a club since April 2021.Photo: AP

Herrlich has already participated in with Bayer Leverkusen Europa League part. He is also familiar with talent promotion, as at the age of 19, Kai Havertz was always hired under Herlich at Leverkusen. Herrlich is very flexible in his tactics, although the 1996 Champions League winners prefer to play with four defences. However, he has played in a three-man series at both FC Augsburg and Leverkusen, which have been shown FC Zurich He helped win the championship last season. The former German player is currently without a club and will therefore be available immediately.

Other types as display tabs:

Achim Berlorzer
Previous stops: RB Leipzig, Mainz 05, FC Cologne, Jahn Regensburg.
Marcus Gisdol
Previous stops: TSG Hoffenheim, Hamburger SV, FC Köln, Lokomotiv Moscow.


Carlos Bernegger

Does FCZ need a firefighter in the current situation? If you look at the current schedule, you should definitely consider this type of coach, even if there are still 28 rounds to play. Suitable candidate: Carlos Bernegger. The Argentine once saved his opponent in the city GC and the FC Lucerne before coming down to Challenge League. He is after his engagement in FC Thun In the summer It’s over, again without a club.

He knows how the struggle against relegation works: Carlos Bernegger.

He knows how the struggle against relegation works: Carlos Bernegger.Photo: cornerstone

Bernegger knows what it takes to get the team back to the top. Recently, he led Thun FC to the cup quarter-finals against the ultimate winner FC Lugano And the year before to the arches against FC Sion. With his temperament, Bernegger could be the right person to give FCZ players what they need again life inhale

Another fireman:

Ole Forte
Previous stops: Red Star, Wil, St.Gallen, GC, YB, FC Zurich, GC, Yverdon, Bielefeld.

former player

Daniel Gigax

With Daniel Gijax, FCZ already has a coach in its ranks who knows the nature of the club and knows what is important. Gygax still lacks a UEFA Pro license, but he can also get it along with his commitment as head coach for Zurich. Gygax has been the U16 junior coach since 2018. After four years with the juniors, it would have been a good time now for the 35-times Switzerland international to step onto the big stage as a coach.

Coaching youth at FCZ since 2018: Daniel Gygax.

Coaching youth at FCZ since 2018: Daniel Gygax.Photo: imago sport photo service

Another former player:

Ludovic Magnin
Ludovic Magnin falls under the category “Former player and coach of FCZ”. He had already won the cup in 2018 before being released in October 2020. Magnin is currently working as a coach at Lausanne Sport, with Vod Zurich He is out of the cup on Sunday and Fouda is finally out of his position. A return is considered unlikely.

big name

Roberto Dematio

Yes, Di Matteo could also fall into the former player category, but his time as a player in Zurich was shorter than that mentioned above. In addition, the Schaffhausen native has already achieved greater success as a coach. During his time at FC Chelsea won in Champions League The FA Cup.

Roberto Di Matteo won the Champions League as Chelsea coach in 2012.

Roberto Di Matteo won the Champions League as Chelsea coach in 2012.Photo: AP

In addition to Chelsea, the former Italy international has coached FC Schalke 04 and Aston Villa, even if he was not successful there. Di Matteo hasn’t been a coach since 2016 and FCZ could be an attractive job for him again. In addition, the 2012 Swiss coach will give FCZ some brilliance and with his big name can put some pressure on the players.

Other big names not currently training:

Vladimir Petkovic
Previous stops: Bellinzona, Lugano, YB, Samsunspor, Sion, Lazio Roma, Swiss national team, Girondins Bordeaux.

Renee Wheeler
Previous stations: Schaffhausen, Aarau, Nuremberg, Anderlecht, Lucerne, Al Ahly, Kashima Antlers.

Fabio Celestini
Previous stops: Malaga, Terracina, Lausanne-Sport, Lugano, Lucerne.

dream scenario

Lucien Favre

And the return of Andre Breitenreiter, coach of last season, can be ruled out completely. This builds seamlessly on his successes last season at Hoffenheim. The situation is different with another former coach of Al-Madina Club. According to French reports, Lucien Favre is on the verge of ending his second participation in Nice and will be available again after that.

In 2005, Favre also won the cup with FC Barcelona.

In 2005, Favre also won the cup with FC Barcelona.Photo: KEYSTONE

The guy who finally made it to the FCZ Champion again after 25 years of waiting would definitely be the perfect fit. However, whether Favre is ready to return from one of the top 5 leagues in football Switzerland A return seems unlikely. But if you don’t dare, you won’t win. If Favre is available, President Ancilo Canepa should definitely pick up the phone.

advanced solution

Inka Greens

With Inka Grings, FCZ already has the perfect successor in their ranks. Grings has coached the Zurich women’s team, which won the championship title in the summer, since 2021. She is now also a junior striker coach. Unlike Gygax and the temporary solution Colatrella, Grings already has a UEFA Pro license.

Inka Grings (back) and president of FC Canepa (front) already know each other very well.

Inka Grings (back) and president of FC Canepa (front) already know each other very well.Photo: cornerstone

With her work as a youth attacking coach, she may already have her eye on the next big striker. This would benefit FCZ by scoring just six goals in eight league matches. Grings will be the first woman in Swiss football to sponsor a professional men’s team. With that, FCZ will not only put a positive exclamation mark and give the talented coach a chance, but will also go in a progressive way as the leader of other clubs.

Zurich FC coaches since 1991


Zurich FC coaches since 1991

Source: Keystone / Christophe Rockstol

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