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5th place for George Messner, 8th place for Luka Otoyo Agache

5th place for George Messner, 8th place for Luka Otoyo Agache

Ronja Armbruster and Daniel Goro were more than satisfied with the performance of the young SGA players, whom they mentored in the regional general classification in Biberach.

Although it was a long way back to Biberach, you had to stretch yourself a lot through the District Class Ranking (Places 1-3) and also through the District Classification (Places 1-2) to be able to reach the boards in Biberach, where The top two in each case from a year group from the four districts of Ulm, Donau, Ostalp and Allgau/Lake Constance met with the two pre-candidates to compete for the two entrants on the Baden-Württemberg classification list.

In his younger years (U11), Luca Utoiu-Agache was really looking forward to the high-level tournament, having worked hard in training over the past few weeks to be well prepared. Starting with a clear defeat to the favorites and eventual tournament winners, he managed to get the win he was hoping for in the second game and so played freely and was able to look forward to a 2:3 record in the group and a 4th place finish. place. He ended up in the final round of places 7-12, where he continued to try to confirm his attacking style. Scoring 3:2 there, his bravery was rewarded with eighth place overall.

George Messner in the under-12 team had to complete a massive programme, playing everyone against everyone in a group of 10, which required not only great play, but also good physical fitness. George also lost his first match before achieving his first victory over his second opponent and getting rid of his tension. With a 2:1 win, he scored a goal past the eventual winners in the fourth round and managed to narrowly defeat them 3:2 with an impressive performance. In the end he achieved an amazing winning record of 5:3 and capped off his fantastic performance with a 5th place finish, once again George showed his talent and it will be interesting to see how his future trajectory continues with diligent training and great motivation.

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