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5th Anniversary review, hint at upcoming update 'Borders'

5th Anniversary review, hint at upcoming update ‘Borders’

From Michael Misculin
No Sky Man is five years old. The developers at Hello Games are celebrating this with a small retrospective video reviewing the free updates released so far. At the end of the video, there’s also a small teaser for the next big update called “Frontiers”.

The developers of No Man’s Sky are currently celebrating their fifth anniversary since launch. And what a disastrous launch at the time – although the honor’s salvation was made possible by the many free updates in the following years. Additionally, the Hello Games development team has posted a small teaser for the next big update titled “Frontiers”.

No Man’s Sky: Reclaiming Credibility

The five years of No Man’s Sky have been eventful – especially of course the launch on August 9, 2016. The developers initially promised many features, but a number of them were missing at the time of release. This sparked a lot of controversy in the gaming community. Since then, the developers of the Hello Games team have worked hard and provided many great and free post-launch updates. The developers made a total of 16 major updates with the title and were able to regain their credibility little by little. They’ve also completely transformed the game outside with new content, promised features, new gameplay elements, and new visual effects.

No Man’s Sky celebrates Mass Effect: Legendary Edition with a Normandy Easter Egg

As part of the celebration, Hello Games is presenting a small retrospective video of the past five years of No Man’s Sky chest. The video also ends with a small teaser for the next big update, which will be called “Border”. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to report just yet, as only the update logo has been presented. But it is supposed to appear in 2021. The developers want to announce more information in the near future.

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