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5’500. – for the Baltic captains, 12,000. – for the Swiss pilots

Air Baltic helps Swiss overburdened with pilots and flight attendants. Kloten says this is necessary “to stabilize the flight plan and increase planning security.”

than saving by dumping wages like this The unions immediately complainedNobody in the Swiss headquarters wants to know anything.

So the subsidiary of the big Lufthansa is only aiming for more quality.

A pilot for the Swiss major carrier contradicts this. “A captain earns 4,000 to 5,500 euros a month in Air Baltic, which is much less than we do,” said the respondent.

A Swiss pilot earns around 12,000 francs a month, and the salary can rise to 19,000 francs with captains on long-haul Airbus.

Also soon the Baltics on Earth? (IP)

The source said the low wages of Air Baltic employees not only caused distortion at the front of the cockpit but also at the rear of the cabin.

Because: The monthly wage for Latvians is only about half higher compared to contract flight attendants with Switzerland.

The Insider sees a “breaking of the law” regarding the free movement of people in Europe. Domestic wages can be increased by “importing” cheap workers from the EU area.

Only Switzerland does so, while such a measure would be out of the question in the EU.

He himself worked as a pilot in France for a non-French airline about 5 years ago. At that time, not all pilots stationed in Paris had to speak only the national language.

Rather: his terms of employment should have been “similar” to those of Air France.

Then we got about 75 percent of Air France salaries, twice as much as the pilots earned in the country of origin of our airlines.

This, despite “we all worked for the same employer”. “France is clearly not as naive as Switzerland.”

In Switzerland they try to stack low.

“On the current winter schedule, Air Baltic operates up to six Airbus A220-300 aircraft on behalf of Switzerland as part of a wet lease agreement,” the spokeswoman said.

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