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50.7 degrees: Temperature record in Australia

50.7 degrees: Temperature record in Australia

In Australia, the country’s previous record was set today: in the western Australian coastal city of Onslow, temperatures rose to 50.7 degrees. It set an Australian heat record, according to the National Weather Service. The other two places were above 50 degrees.

It was the hottest day in the country’s history since January 2, 1960, when it recorded a temperature of 50.7 degrees Celsius in the outlying Ooty. 50.7 degrees is the highest temperature ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere and the world record for the month of January.

14.7 degrees higher than average

Looking at the statistics, it shows how unusual 50 degrees is. January lows average 36 degrees Celsius in January.

The life-threatening heat wave in Australia will continue in the coming days, with hot poles moving from west to east across the continent. The 50 degree threshold can be crossed again.

Heat wave in South America

Meanwhile, a severe heat wave continues in South America. Focus on Argentina. The temperature in San Antonio Oeste recorded up to 44 degrees yesterday and will increase in the coming days. Tomorrow the capital Buenos Aires will be able to break its all-time record of 43.3 degrees. A typical January day in Buenos Aires will be 30 degrees.

Increasing the duration and intensity of heat waves is a feature of climate change.