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5 spring beauty trends you need to know

dull and stained

Spring beauty trends are amazing

Pastel colors in spring? The beauty trends that carry us out of winter definitely look different this year — and they have a lot of 2010 in them.


At the Grammys, Lizzo’s cheeks, eyes, lips, nails, and dress are one piece—taking the monochromatic trend in makeup to a new level.


In recent years it seemed like we could Healthy glowing skinAnd bushy eyebrows and subtle graphic liners. It should be clear by now: everything has to come to an end at some point. Spring beauty trends It preaches exactly that and throws a lot of sweethearts on top of the heap. But they also bring with them something they’re best known for, which is a big part of 2010.

1. Cloud skin

The sky remains clear, but clouds are allowed on your face: Cloud Skin has been trending on social networks for a few weeks – a look to match Puts an end to shiny faces It puts the focus back on matte (or “blurry”) cosmetics. The update is unlike 2010, when the trend was really everywhere: Opacity is softer, and the color now finally matches your skin tone. The product is still the same as it’s been in over ten years: Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse makeup is trending on Tiktok.

2. It looks monochromatic

Aubrey Plaza wore bronzed, monochrome makeup to the SAG Awards.

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Lizzo in orange, Lindsay Lohan in copper, Zendaya in pink and Aubrey Plaza in bronze — there’s no denying that monochromatic makeup (also coordinated with the outfit or hair color at best) is having a moment. The practical thing about it: With the creamy sticks, all areas of the face can be covered with just one product and lips, cheeks, and eyes are ready to look big in no time at all.

3. Smudged eyeliner

Perfect graphic eyeliner for hair? Can you take a break now? In the spring, eyeliner can smudge and finally look unclean again. On the one hand, this looks carelessly cool and matches perfectly Gothic and grunge lookBoth are popular now. On the other hand, the development is practical for everyone whose hand does not have the precision of a heart surgeon. win win.

4. Browsing…or vice versa

We’ve seen the development for about half a year, but not yet: Eyebrows have been narrowed, bleached or ever shaved It’s a reversal of the brewing hype of the past eight years. Who knows, maybe after countless microblading appointments there will soon be a rush to remove tattoos.

5. Ultra-glossy

in 2022 The return of luster Starting off slowly (after years filled with matte kisses, our lips thank you), in 2023 she can now shine bright again. Chanel shows it at his latest fashion show. For this to work, the luminosity must not flow toward Earth like gravity would have it. You can’t avoid the sticky consistency and a chunk of your hair that hangs in your face after the next gust of wind. What not to do in the name of beauty …

What’s your favorite spring beauty trend? Tell us!

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