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4K mini projector on Indiegogo

4K mini projector on Indiegogo

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Projectors have become an integral part of many conference rooms, universities, and schools today. But classic projectors are usually very large and heavy and must be installed permanently. Read on to find out what other solution Wemax came up with.

Indiegogo is a crowdsourcing platform where entrepreneurs can submit their projects and, if popular, have them funded by many individual users instead of a traditional investor. Some projects are totally silly, while others have a lot of potential. One such project could be the Wemax Go Pro, which his team confidently declares to be the thinnest laser projector.

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The portable projector should weigh less than 800g and be extremely compact at 21.8 x 11.7 x 2.49 cm. However, with an upgrade, the projector should be able to display a 4K image on a maximum screen size of 120 inches. Minimum size 40 inches. Wemax Go Pro has a 40.2W internal battery, which means it works even without an external power supply at low brightness levels. Due to the maximum brightness of 600 lumens, the projector is recommended for use in dark rooms only. The expected service life is 25,000 hours.

Wemax Go Pro: a 4K mini projector on Indiegogo

those: Indiegogo

The core technology comes from Xiaomi and uses the corresponding ALPD principle, which projects discrete spectra of white light rays onto the wall using mirrors. Wemax Go Pro is equipped with its own smart operating system, which can access 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory. Power is provided via a USB Type-C connector, so the projector can also be charged using a power bank. 3.5mm jack is available as pure audio output, otherwise there will be HDMI port for image transmission. In addition, the device has a USB Type-A port and an integrated WLAN for wireless transmission.

Wemax Go Pro

Wemax Go Pro

those: Indiegogo

There are several versions of the projector, starting at $299 with a lower resolution and going up to $959 for the Wemax Go Pro bundle, display, and power bank. Unfortunately, many models are not currently available.

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