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4 x 200m Freestyle | With the world record, China and the United States are far ahead of the favorites from Australia

Favorable Australians can do nothing against teams from China and the United States and can swim for bronze.

Frank change China won the 4 x 200m freestyle relay more than the US and favorite Australians.

Just minutes after winning the Olympics in the 200-meter butterfly, Yufi Zhang has another reason to cheer. As part of the Chinese relay in the 4 x 200m freestyle, 23-year-old Jankshuan Yang won the gold medal along with Muhan Tang and bronze medalist Pingji Li. The Chinese swam side by side with the most famous Australians from the beginning. In the 200 and 400 meters freestyle, Olympic champion Ariane Ditmus, Emma McCain, Madison Wilson and Leah Neil failed to rock their competitors. Final swimmer Neele had nothing to do with China’s levee in the final 200m, with the Chinese team swimming for Olympic gold in 7: 40.33 minutes, breaking Australia’s world record in 1.17 seconds.

The Australians had to allow the Americans to cross the last 100 meters with final swimmer Katie Ledecky. In the fastest race in which the top three teams swam under the old world record, the United States won silver in 7: 40.73 minutes (7: 41.29 minutes) over Australia.

Slower than forward

Frank change Annika Brun brings home the DSV relay in sixth place.

The German team could not comment on the awarding of medals. In the same row on Wednesday, Isabel Goss, Leoni Gulman, Mary Pietrushka and Annika Brahn swam 1.83 seconds slower than they were in the prelims and finished sixth in 7: 53.89 minutes. Halfway through the race, the DSV women finished seventh, until Pietruschka made a place as the third swimmer. Final swimmer Brune took that spot and brought the team to sixth.

4 x 200m freestyle, women

July 29, 2021
Tokyo Aquatic Center

City Square Name Time
1 China 7: 40,33 (WR)
2 United States 7: 40,73
3 Australia 7: 41,29
4 Canada 7: 43,77
5 ROC 7: 52,15
6 Germany 7: 53,89
7 Hungary 7: 56,62
8 France 7: 58,15

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