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4: 0!  Kahfji pay Fenerbahce to the Champions League center against Kayseri!  - LIGABlatt - Football in the Hour!

4: 0! Kahfji pay Fenerbahce to the Champions League center against Kayseri! – LIGABlatt – Football in the Hour!

A successful afternoon for the Canary: With a 4-0 away win in Kayseri, Fenerbahce stormed into the Champions League qualification spot on Saturday – at least until Sunday. Led by an outstanding Kahveci, who scored himself with a long-range hammer, Zajek, Rossi and Guler scored the other goals for Kadikoy’s team.

Without suspended Ozan Tophane and Mesut Ozil, “The Canary” competed in Kayseri. In front of goalkeeper Bainder, Novak, Min Gai, Aziz and Ozai Samuel formed a four-way defense. Prior to that, Zajc, Crespo, Yandach and Khuji started in the midfield. Rossi and Dorson rushed up front, with the tall Turk playing a nine in the penalty area.

At the start of the first half on one side, Serdar Dursun was still struggling with himself as the striker hit several shots in a promising position in the first 15 minutes, but was unable to make a dangerous shot at the home side’s goal. Shortly thereafter, the game faded into the net for the first time: Kahveji hit a long free kick from the left edge of the field into the penalty area, where Aziz, who went up, received the ball but was unable to score from close range. In a twisted way, the ball fell to the left of the post at Zag (16′), who then only had to maneuver the ball a few centimeters above the line. After that, Fenerbahce pulled back a bit, and managed the events without losing control. At all times the guests were closer to the hosts’ second goal than the equalizer, which was also true shortly before the break: crowded Kahveci sprinted off the right edge with plenty of overview on Rossi (45), making a high pass, Treating his chest and then turning his right foot into a goal with one movement. But the truth is that Kayseri’s goalkeeper Long, who did not fall fast enough for a Rossi shot, was not very good.

Kahveci makes an early decision worth watching

The second half started with another kick for Fenerbahce. Kahveci (54), who had been outstanding until then, fired a 25-meter sledgehammer from the right inside into the left corner of the net – an absolute dream goal, which gave the Canary the decision early on. It wasn’t until a little later that Kayserispor woke up, calmed down and missed a promising opportunity in the person of Pectemic (61), who headed off the right post after a cross. In the past half hour, the match has stretched, and Fenerbahce no longer behaves completely convincingly, also because Kayseri was defeated by three goals. Subsequently, substitute Arda Guler marked the end of the satisfying yellow-toned afternoon, her goal being to make the score 4-0.

With an away win in Kayseri, which was never in danger, Fenerbahce overtook Konyaspor for second place in the Champions League, at least temporarily, and the Canary enters next weekend’s derby against Galatasaray feeling good.