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3rd place - Premium Christmas card from BG Amsetten-Schüler

3rd place – Premium Christmas card from BG Amsetten-Schüler

Severin Gusner, a student of BG/BRG Amstetten, achieved third place with his creative work.

Created on December 19, 2021 | 06:16

Happy with the award in the Christmas card drawing competition: (from left) director Josef Spritz, Severin Gosner (2A), and art teacher Verena Salameh.


“Christmas” is a subject that can be approached in a very diverse artistic style. There are endless possibilities to engage with the topic and engage with it creatively. Hundreds of schoolchildren from all over Lower Austria have taken part in this year’s Christmas postcard competition, which has been held every year for nearly 30 years and is once again supported by Governor Mikl-Leitner. Lighted candles, reflective Christmas tree balls and snow-covered landscapes were among the most popular items in this year’s competition, which was held under the theme “Christmas – Art Meets Christmas”.

However, a certain work stood out from the total number of applications submitted. Severin Gusner designed the Christmas card with stars and angels in a particularly creative way and thus took third place. “With this work of fiction, Severin Gosner once again demonstrated his creativity and the richness of his ideas,” said director Josef Spritz, delighted with this success, and thanking his art teacher Verena Salama for her great commitment. The expressive graphic is now also used in a high school Christmas postcard and thus is also used more widely in the region.