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3rd place and many ideas in the Dynamic Domains Championship with 4talents

Preliminary report

Last Saturday, February 25th, SV Babelsberg 03, together with its performance diagnostics partner, 4talents Analytics, organized a slightly different format for the Junior Championship. The concept behind it is called “vital bands”, where youth teams are grouped according to certain objective criteria rather than chronological age.

After a total of six rounds of play on two courts at the MBS Arena, Babelsberg 03, behind Berliner SC, entered history for our first biological championship with the bronze medal. The first place went to the boys from the Victoria Berlin club.

Before the start of the tournament, all children were measured using a system specially developed by 4talents, which recorded height and weight, among other things. Individual biological age was determined on the basis of these characteristics. So there were two teams for each club: a biologically more mature team and a biologically younger one.

This alternative procedure resulted in largely homogenous teams, which can be clearly seen on the course of the tournament, as there were always tough opponents waiting in every round. This somewhat different view showed that players could not necessarily rely on their physical superiority, but were forced to care about tactics and playful ingenuity.

Babelsberg 03 Junior Director Matthias Boron was enthusiastic: “It was a great event, meeting interested and inquisitive participants, parents and guests. There were many games at eye level, so that the development of children was completely ahead. We would like to thank 4talents for the cooperation And we’re already looking forward to the next event,” Boron says.

The results show that in the end it was the “older” teams that prevailed.

Below we have listed the final placements:

  1. Victoria (old)
  2. Berliner SC (old)
  3. Babelsberg 03 (old)
  4. Herta 03 Zehlendorf (old)
  5. SC Borsigwalde (old)
  6. SC Stacken (young)
  7. SV Tasmania Berlin (old)
  8. Victoria 1889 Berlin (young)
  9. Babelsberg 03 (young)
  10. SC Borsigwalde (young)
  11. SC Stacken (old) / Berliner SC (young)
  12. Hertha 03 Zehlendorf
  13. SV Tasmania Berlin (young)