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3D audio songs break with some users, and you too?

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Apple Music Lossless seems to be stuck with some users. Songs with 3D audio stop playing after a few seconds for some users. No reason was found for this. Lossless playback is also affected by the issue for some users. Did you have to monitor that with you too?

When using Apple Music Lossless, there seem to be various issues. For example, songs with 3D sound may stop playing after a short time for some users. In these cases, songs are always played for about 15 seconds Apple eigener support community.

Obviously, it doesn’t matter whether the songs were previously uploaded or streamed. According to reports of those affected, the issue occurs under current iOS 14.6 and in beta 1 of iOS 15, which so far can only be used by registered developers.

No reason for the strange failure has been found yet

to It’s not yet clear what might cause the song to get stuck on Dolby Atmos. Apple has not yet commented on this.

Occasionally, turbulence is said to have occurred when songs were played with lossless sound. In the future, the entire Apple Music catalog will be available in Lossless, but the selection of songs with 3D sound will still be greatly limited.

Are you also affected by the problem with Apple Music Lossless? Please tell us about your experiences in the context of this article.

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