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31:30 in “Belle” – 33rd championship title: Brühl dramatically defeats GC Amicitia – Sports

31:30 in “Belle” – 33rd championship title: Brühl dramatically defeats GC Amicitia – Sports

  • Thanks to 31:30 after extra time in the final, LC Brühl won the championship title in the final against GC Amicitia.
  • St. Gallen Women trailed by 7 seconds before the end of normal playing time, but they saved themselves in extra time.
  • For the women of eastern Switzerland, this is already the 33rd Swiss championship title, and for GC Amicitia, it could have been the first.

Like the previous matches, the all-important fifth final between LC Brühl St. Gallen and GC Amicitia Zurich in terms of drama. With just 7 seconds left in regulation time, Kenja Jutkowska saved the defending champions in extra time with her first goal.

There, too, events were very balanced. The home team created 4 times and Zurich saved 4 times. In the final minute it was once again Gutkowska who scored at 31:30. GC Amicitia made one last attack, but the equalizer was no longer possible. In the end, the handball players from eastern Switzerland celebrated once again, and this was indeed the 33rd championship title in the club's history.

Lively back and forth

After a balanced start, St. Gallen Women got going for the first time between the 13th and 19th minutes, when they led from 4:5 to 9:5 and did not concede a goal for almost 7 minutes. However, shortly after that, the home team also failed to score for more than 8 minutes, so the Zurich team found contact again and were only 11:12 behind at the end of the first half.

After the break, the guests continued their return. In the 41st minute, Ira Baumann also scored her fifth penalty kick, giving GC their first lead in 5:4. As the outside team continued its run and reached 24:20 with 10 minutes left in the match, it all looked like the first Swiss championship title for GC Amicitia.

As is well known, Brühl was able to strike back and save himself from extra time in extreme cases. St. Gallen is the first team in Swiss women's handball to win the treble. They have already won the Super Cup and the Cup as the most successful Swiss club in history.