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30:29 vs New York Giants: Washington wins kicker contest!  - American sports

30:29 vs New York Giants: Washington wins kicker contest! – American sports

This game has that special kick!

Washington FC at home against the New York Giants – Thursday night NFL football game.

Both teams provide a real match from their kick. Bam, bam, bam! It’s raining on field targets.

Washington won in the last second with a time of 30:29 – of course with a field goal!

Both teams lost on the first day of the match. The Giants lost 13:27 to the Denver Broncos. Washington at 16:20 vs. Los Angeles Chargers.

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Game highlights

In the first quarter, quarterback Daniel Jones entered the end zone. drop! The additional point is also correct. The guests are leading 7-0.

Then the shock: Nick Gates Center injures himself. He was kicked out of the field. All players – even opponents – come to him. Announced in the game: a broken leg.

Falling in the second quarter for Washington. Throwing substitute quarterback Taylor Hynek (Ryan “FitzMagic” Fitzpatrick is out eight weeks with a groin injury) at Terry McLaurin, who jumps to the crowd to cheer. Plus an extra point! 7: 7!

After the Giants field goal by Graham Gano, Washington returns. JD McKissic runs to the end zone. The plus point flies too. Break starts at 2:10 PM for the hosts.

In the United States, the game operates on the NFL Network. In Germany, the game can be seen on DAZN. Strong there along with commentator Andreas Renner: football expert Arik Bredendiek (of Marburg Mercenaries) sparkles with detailed knowledge, but also amusing sayings (“Heinicke tosses into the finish zone at 200 km/h!”).

Immediately after the break, the Giants shortened the field goal of Jano. 13:14!

Then it goes on massively: Falling Giants – Darius Slayton (Bridendyk: “I was about to ask if Slayton would ever play?!”) after Jones whipped cream. Bonus point included – 8:14 PM!

But Washington don’t panic! Field goal at 49 yards by Dustin Hopkins at 17:20. He. She! Remain! arousing!

Footballer Jano brings back the old gap with his field goal. 23:17! It goes back and forth.

And once again Hopkins kicked the owners of the land. 20:23!

The kicker duel continues! He meets Janu. 26:20 for the giants.

Mega-Catch composed by Ricky Sells-Jones after throwing a Heineki missile. drop! Plus an extra point. 27:26 Four and a half minutes before the end.

Then there is another kick. Of course Janu again, of course he meets again. 29:27! There are less than two minutes left to play. arousing!

With five seconds left, Hopkins races to Washington. He has a victory on his feet – and he shoots! The egg sails. the end? No! The referees whistle is a mistake in the defense of the giants.

Hopkins could do it again – and hit him! 30:29! What a drama! Washington wins!


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