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3-0 vs Australia: U-20 Juniors win again

3-0 vs Australia: U-20 Juniors win again

Thanks to a focused and determined performance, the Women's U20s won 3-0 against Australia and have been flawless during their World Cup build-up.

Made the final score with a dream goal: Dilara Assikos.

After a 3-2 win over Poland, the U-20 Juniors went on to win the next three points. Kathryn Peter's team beat Australia's U23 team 3-0 as part of their World Cup warm-up in Växjö, Sweden. “Australia are very good athletically, there will be a lot of transition moments,” said head coach Peter, analyzing the opposition before the match on the association's website. “It will be a faster and completely different game, but that was the idea with the World Cup in mind.”

Powerful start – own goal to take the lead

From the start, the DFB side dominated the game, running heavily against the Australians and repeatedly combining well when they had the ball in their hands. These efforts were converted into one that could count after half an hour. Australian defender Apostolakis headed a sharp cross from Zikai into his own goal (30th). We went into the half-time break with a narrow lead.

Acikgöz's dream destination

With an early goal, the U-20 girls promptly snuffed out any budding hope in the opposition after the break. Nachigal won the ball in the Matildas' penalty area (48th) and made it 2-0 with a half-high shot. The goal of the day came ten minutes later when Assikos summoned his courage and welded a long-range shot into the right corner (60th). After that, Peter's group remained in control, but did not become significantly dangerous. The last Test on the schedule for the U-20 Women's World Cup in Colombia will take place on Tuesday (7pm) when the U-20s take on Sweden's U-23s.