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2nd place?  Schöfweger 'Serial Offenders' Can Dream

2nd place? Schöfweger ‘Serial Offenders’ Can Dream

The Eastern Province League team rushes from success to success and is unbeaten in 11 consecutive matches

SV Schauweig swept second-placed Schalding Haining, 4-0 in the standings, on Wednesday night in the first game of the Eastern District League. Schwankl and Wildfeuer & Co extended their impressive winning streak to 11 games in a row and improved to fourth. TSV Waldkirchen won’t let the championship be stolen from them again, but the Schöfweg footballers are finally in the race for second place, especially since not all of the runner-up contenders are consistent after the winter break.

“We’ve got to land in the bag. Of course we now want to stay on the path to success.”Schöfweg coach Matthias Suess reveals. When asked about potential runner-up ambitions, the 32-year-old thinks for a relatively long time and then comes up with a somewhat critical answer:We’re on the run, but we’re not playing well at the moment. We were very fortunate to win in Oberpolling and the performance against Schalding II was not the best. The opponent started with completely new forces that were not suitable at all. But we’re much more efficient than we were before the winter break, and so we won a game that wasn’t great on our part, of course. In order to maintain this streak, we have to improve. We’ll keep thinking from game to game and then see what comes out of it in the end.”

The rest of the Schöfweger Kicker program is entirely possible on paper. With the exception of Ruhmannsfelden and Künzing, it is only against teams from the lower half of the table. However, Seuss knows that Gravenau and Päfferkirchen, for example, are still two games behind his team. “If we really want to fight for second place to the end, we’ll have to get at least 15 points in our remaining six matches. But that’s all a dream. We’d be well advised to stay on the ground. However, it’s also good that we as a small village club, We don’t have to calculate how many points we still need to stay in the league, but we can – at least for fun – deal with such scenarios from time to time.”the young coach, whose entourage smiles from play on Holy Saturday and then awaits FC Salzwig in the District Cup semi-final on Easter Monday (kick-off at 4pm), smiles.

Division Manager Franz Schmid (left) and coach Matthias Seuss played a key role in the journey Photo: Karl-Heinz Hoenle

“We’ve come a long way in the cup and of course we want to get to the final now.”SVS head announces briskly. If this requirement is met, Süss would like SpVgg GW Deggendorf, who expects Ost-Primus TSV Waldkirchen in the other semi-final, to be the opponent in the final. “After all, we have Waldkirchen as a league contender anyway, and the final will also be played on neutral ground. The match against Deggendorf will have an entirely different appeal than a possible final location. But when it comes, it comes as well. Closing down the Salzweg would be hard enough anyway”Known as the ex-BayernLiga defender, who had to leave the field as a loser with his team more than six months ago. On October 2, goalkeeper Kurt Kroner and his teammates lost 2-1 to TV Freung. A long time ago ….