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2nd place in the state final - Kenzingen

2nd place in the state final – Kenzingen

The gymnasts from Kenzinger Gymnasium show strong performance.

(BZ). After the successful county final in the Youth Trains Olympics at local Üsenberghalle at the beginning of December, five players from Kenzingen High School once again demonstrated their skills in the state final in Straubhardt. On March 31, Teresa Rickmers, Nellie Bachmann, Samira Schwartz, Aleka Eliseo and Nellie Leonhardt were all in the process of making it to the national finals in Berlin.

Kenzinger’s students gave a solid performance on the vault. The girls also performed well on uneven bars. Only slight tension appeared on the balance beam. On Earth, everyone can be proud of their gymnastic exercises. In the end, Gymnasium Kenzingen took second place with 181.8 points behind gymnasts from Mannheim (202 points), who were unbeaten with their team players. Hans Baldung-Gymnasium Schwäbisch-Gmund (178.7) and Klitgau-Gymnasium Tengen (170.7) were third and fourth. Noemi Kussek served as referee.