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2nd place for the Console Theater in the Commerzbank Ranking

2nd place for the Console Theater in the Commerzbank Ranking

The Commerzbank Foundation awarded the Consol Theater Gelsenkirchen. Second prize independent theater gets 10,000 euros.

The Gelsenkirchen Consol Theater came second in the 3rd Commerzbank Foundation “ZukunftsGut” competition for institutional cultural mediation. €108,000 has been allocated to all prize winners. The second place on the Consol in the Urban Space category received a prize of €10,000. The award ceremony was already held in Frankfurt am Main. Dortmund Concert Hall came third, and the Fock Museum in Bremen took first prize in the urban category.

In front of the Dortmund Concert Hall

The total was there 133 contributions from cultural institutionswho applied for the grant. In addition to the six main prize winners in the Rural and Urban categories, shortlisted applicants were each awarded €2,000 in funding.

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Gelsenkirchen Consol Theater Free for Young Audiences sees the award as recognition Diversified business for more than 20 years, “particularly mentioning our connection to the experience, aesthetic education and social awareness of the people of the city and region in the professional theater productions and participatory projects at Volxbühne and !STAGE,” explains theater director Georg Kentrup in his reaction to the award. ceremony.

Enhance the creative potential of amateurs

The jury particularly praised “combining artistic experiences and enhancing the creative potential of amateurs” alongside current topics. According to the jury, “theatre is thus a vital place for social interaction between people of different ages and backgrounds.”

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