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2021 Swiss Music Awards - Incredibly Versatile: Stephan Escher receives the Grand Prix Music - Culture

2021 Swiss Music Awards – Incredibly Versatile: Stephan Escher receives the Grand Prix Music – Culture


Good Choice: The Federal Bureau of Culture honors Stefan Escher for his life work. Who else could be happy?

Stefan Escher will probably never forget this moment in his career. It is on the Olympia Theater in Paris, the French chanson temple par excellence. Rarely are Swiss musicians allowed to play there.

But it’s getting better a lot Escher sings his gypsy jazz version of Mane Mater’s “Hemmige” and sings the whole hall in German Bern – and that’s in Paris.

Swiss Music Prize

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14 awards plus the Grand Prix: These are the annual Swiss Music Awards awarded by the Federal Bureau of Culture (BAK). Music prizes are worth 25,000 Swiss francs each, and the grand prize is 100,000 Swiss francs. The award ceremony will take place on September 17th in Lugano.

A fast-changing celebrity artist

The career of a Münchenbuchsee-born musician can hardly be summed up better. Eicher is constantly exploring boundaries and also jumping over them. Always in the context of rock and pop, but with great curiosity.

Once he performed solo with the machines. Then there is Bernays’ brass band album “Traktorkestar”, at which point he quickly turns back into a folk singer-songwriter with acoustic guitar.

Stefan Escher is a musician in many forms, with literary and artistic aspirations beyond his ancestral lands, and almost symbolically represents Switzerland as a multilingual singer.

Other winners: Inside

The other 14 winners cover a wide field of local talent. Some, like Jodel’s rebel Kristen Lauterberg, who always tries to update local folklore, are well known. Others like singer-songwriter Louis Joker from La-Chaux-de-Fonds have yet to be discovered.

Musicians who like Vivienne Chasot for her accordion Or the Electronic guitarist Manuel Troller You want to open new acoustic spaces. There are young voice repairmen like the Bieler Percussionist Lionel Friedley In addition to the facility Violinist and conductor Kiara Pancini.

So it’s a wide field. If you want to summarize it under one keyword: Like this year’s grand prize winner, they all try to leave their limits behind.

All Music Awards Winners: In 2021

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