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200MB cloud save per game: GOG removed from 1.9.  Scores that break the new limit

200MB cloud save per game: GOG removed from 1.9. Scores that break the new limit


Distribution platform offers DRM-free video games for sale. The GOG Galaxy linked launcher gives users the option to save games to the cloud. However, after August 31, 2024, the oldest ones can be deleted if the 200MB per game cap is broken.

Cloud storage limitations

Like one New support page on As it turns out, this measure aims to save costs and ensure that “All players have access to sufficient and manageable storage space for their progress in the game“.

As of September 1st, GOG will independently delete it

After the deadline has passed, files that have nothing to do with the game but have nevertheless found their way onto the platform's servers must first be deleted, before attacking the save files themselves as well, if in doubt.

The oldest saved games must first be deleted, and this is repeated successively as long as the 200MB memory limit is exceeded. This happens automatically. Therefore the current progress of the game should not be in jeopardy.

GOG recommends local backup

The gaming platform still encourages its users to save saved games on cloud servers locally if necessary, which is possible using a button on the GOG Galaxy launcher. Users can then use Cloud storage management Delete files independently until they are below the storage limit again. The following GIF shows how this works:

GIF Illustration of manually deleting saved games (Image:

According to GOG, users will now be continuously notified if their saves exceed the storage limit. If you do nothing, the files will be irretrievably lost when the deadline expires on August 31.


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