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2005 World Champion was enough - Tom Luthi stopped at the end of the season - The Sports

2005 World Champion was enough – Tom Luthi stopped at the end of the season – The Sports


The 20th season in the motorcycle circus will be his last: Tom Luthi will finish his career this fall.

The season is over. Tom Lüthi will end his career after his 20th season as a motorcycle pilot. Emmentaler announced the decision a few days after his best performance so far this season.

On Sunday, he was driving Ninth at the Austrian Grand Prix in Spielberg The most valuable result in a long time. Overall, the 34-year-old can look back on his career which has seen many ups, but also more recently.

At the height of 19 years

At the age of 15, Bernays took part in his first races in the 125 cc class. Lüthi celebrated his biggest success in only his third World Cup season: with four victories and a total of 8 podium places, the Swiss became world champion in the 125 cc class in 2005.

Tom Luthi in “sportpanorama”

Open the chestClose the box

Three days after announcing his retirement at the end of the season, Tom Luthi will guest host Rainer Maria Salzgiber on “sportpanorama” on Sunday. You’ll see the program at 6 p.m. on the second SRF.

Lüthi’s victory at the age of 19 was historic: there had only been two world champions of Swiss motorcycles before him. Luigi Taveri in the 1960s (3 times) and Stefan Dorflinger in the 1980s (4 times).


2005 world title highlights

Tom Luthi’s career skyrocketed in the first few years.


In 2005, Lüthi was also named Swiss Athlete of the Year – ahead of the world’s number one tennis player at the time, Roger Federer.

The break in career came at MotoGP

In 2007, Lüthi switched to the 250cc (later Moto2) class, finishing second in the World Cup in both 2016 and 2017.

What looked like a break in the career of fasting Bernese followed: Lüthi tried his hand at the “First Class” in 2018. But the Swiss never found his way in MotoGP. Lüthi could not get a single point, and the project ended after only one season.

Returning to Moto2, Lüthi once again reached 3rd place in the World Championships (2019). The past two years have not gone as planned. Lüthi was not allowed to climb the podium again. Now the veteran has 7 races left in his career to prevent this small flaw.

Future Director and Sports Director

Lüthi is still in the Speedway arena despite his resignation. On the one hand, he will be the head of sport for the German Moto3 team PrüstelGP, and on the other hand, he will be involved in the promotion of young Swiss talents and will take over management from Noah Dettweiler. The 16-year-old from Basel will compete in the Junior Moto3 World Championship in 2022. For the following season, Dettwiler is aiming for a contract in the Moto3 World Championship.