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200,000 francs: Lionel Messi gives his World Cup teammates a golden iPhone

200,000 francs

Lionel Messi gives his World Cup teammates a golden iPhone

Argentine star Lionel Messi wears the charity pants. He presents his fellow world champions with an iPhone – made of gold.


24 karat gold! Lionel Messi presents his teammates with a golden iPhone.


  • The Argentine world champions get golden iPhones.

  • Lionel Messi organized the gift.

  • Smartphones were allowed to cost around 200,000 francs.

The Argentine national team made history in the World Cup in Qatar. Lionel Messi was crowned world champion after many attempts and the joy was gigantic. So big that the 35-year-old surprises all his teammates and staff with a special gift.

Messi paid around 200,000 francs for the fun – but what’s in it for his teammates? The answer: a gold iPhone. They are made to order, and Messi has engraved them with the names and numbers of the respective players. As the newspaper “The Sun” writes, smartphones were delivered to Messi’s home on Saturday. Every iPhone should be made of the purest form of gold.

smartphone instead of a watch

iDesign Gold was responsible for the gold iPhones. “Messi said he wanted a special gift for all the players and staff to celebrate the amazing win, but he didn’t want the usual gift of watches,” said the CEO of the British medium. Finally, he suggested gold iPhones with engravings. The star was very happy.

There was more to celebrate for Lionel Messi on Monday night. He was named the FIFA World Player of the Year. What colleagues think of the gift is still not clear — as an Android user, you might be less enthusiastic, but the gesture is important.

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