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2 wins, 10th place – Kowloon trades fear of relegation playoff

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Munich (OTS)

Fears of landing in Kowloon? number! The decisive fight is the announcement before and after the match against Krefeld Pinguine. “We can still qualify for the playoffs,” Lucas Dumont said confidently before the 4-2 win over Krefeld. However, in the event of defeat, Cologne could have fallen back again, so it sits at least tenth until tomorrow and qualify for the first play-off. So there was no time to take a deep breath for Alexander Oplinger, who also seemed more conservative than his teammates after the match: “We have to win from game to game. In every game, keep moving forward.” For Krefeld, defeat after driving twice is “bitter”. With a point quotient of 1.13, the team lags behind in last place in the table.

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Sharks in Cologne – Krefeld Penguins 4: 2

Lucas Dumont of Cologne didn’t even want to think about relegation before the match: “We have everything in our hands. We can still make the playoffs with a bit of luck and we have to try to get as many points as possible.” He must be right about that, at least that’s what he said now. After a second straight win, Team Cologne jumped past Bittigheim for 10th, before the penultimate weekend. Alexander Oplinger: “It was a tough 60-minute battle. In 3 days we had two great performances for the team and won twice. We have to build on that. We know what makes us successful and what doesn’t.” Was that really staying in the league and starting to fight for 10th place for him? “I don’t know. We have to win game after game. Every game, keep going until it’s over.”

The mood of the Krefeld penguins was completely different. After the last two victories, there was now a heavy setback, despite the double advance. The penguins are still a little behind in last place. Edward Lewandowski: “If you conceded a 2-2 lead, it’s bitter. But if you analyze the whole match, Cologne deserves to win.”

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