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2 passes for Xherdan Shaqiri

2 passes for Xherdan Shaqiri

US – Xherdan Shaqiri provided assists to the Chicago Fire in MLS but lost to Toronto.

The Chicago Fire crisis continues in the MLS North America. The 3-2 defeat on Sunday evening in Toronto was the 10th consecutive game without a win, and the 11th in all competitions.

Even the masked Xherdan Shaqiri couldn’t avoid another disappointment to Chicago. In both the 1-1 draw and the provisional opening goal after 66 minutes, the Basel playmaker stopped scoring. After just 12 minutes, Toronto turned the match thanks to two goals from Spaniard Alejandro Pozuelo.

The difference between the two teams was clear in terms of efficiency. While Toronto scored three goals from five deals, the Chicago club’s 33 shots wasn’t enough to stop the downward trend. Fire remains the league’s weakest team with 11 points from 14 games.

Shaqiri is expected to be at the Swiss team’s camp in Bad Ragaz on Monday to prepare with the team for the four Nations League matches scheduled for June.