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2. Jump at Bischofshofen - Kobayashi secures a win in the round - Hopper wins at the end - Sports

2. Jump at Bischofshofen – Kobayashi secures a win in the round – Hopper wins at the end – Sports

  • Japan’s Ryoyu Kobayashi crowns himself the winner of the 70th Four Hills Tournament. Today’s win went to Daniel Huber (AUT).
  • Gregor Deschwanden ranked 25th best Swiss in the second competition in Bischofchofen.
  • Killian Peier (28) and Simon Ammann (47) do not start at the end of the round.

The Four Hills Tournament competition found the expected winner along with Ryoyu Kobayashi (fifth). However, with the second “grand slam” after 2019, the Japanese came up with nothing. The reason for this was a controversial decision by the jury, who spoke before the best knockout jumpers in knockout duels to shorten the preliminary period.

Austrians end drought

Tour leader and qualification winner Kobayashi ended up only fifth. His opponent, Marius Lindvik, was hit even harder. As with the first jump at Bischofshofen, the Norwegian showed his nerve and landed after 126 metres. Lindvik improved to 10th in the finals, but could no longer jeopardize Kobayashi.

With Daniel Huber, the Austrian flew on the podium for the first time after eleven podium vaulting competitions – and above that at the top. The Salzburg man won the competition at home ahead of third overall standings Halvor Granrod (NOR) and World Cup leader Karl Geiger (Germany). The conclusion was also forgiving to Slovenian Lovro Kos (9), who won the decision with a trip of 144 metres. Fall from the day before can be reciprocated.

The Swiss are not in the top 20 again

Gregor Deschwanden, the best Swiss in the knockout match, only qualified for the final by 0.2 points. There the 30-year-old flew to 124.5 metres, giving him 25th place on the final bill. Halfway out of the competition, Horweyer was still 21st.

On the other hand, Killian Pierre also missed an exploit the last time he jumped. Romand was 11 meters shorter on his first jump than he was in qualifying, with Pierre placing fifth by 135 metres. In decision he fell after 123.5 meters and thus in the final 28th place. Simon Amman (118 m) clearly missed the second round in 47th place.

The Swiss trio thus finished the round in the overall standings of 13 (Pierre), 14 (Deschwanden) and 37 (Oman). For Deschwanden, who was able to qualify for all four final competitions for the first time on a tour, it means the best-ranked Four Hills Tournament.

So it continues

After the Tour, the athletes will once again compete in individual and team competition (8/9 January – SRF live) at the World Cup in Bischofshofen, before going to Zakopane in Poland for the following weekend for the two competitions (15/16 January) taking off.