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2-1 Success in Yerevan - thanks to a shaky victory: Winters in Basel in Europe - Sports

2-1 Success in Yerevan – thanks to a shaky victory: Winters in Basel in Europe – Sports

  • FC Basel won their last conference league group match away from home over Binik Yerevan 2-1 and reached the knockout stage.
  • Darian Malles (17) and Anton Cady (30) meet for Bayern. In the second half, Dan Ndoye flies after the yellow and red dive.
  • Because Slovan Bratislava won the second group game at Zalgiris Vilnius (2:1), Basel finished the group stage in second place.

In the end, FC Basel had a difficult success in Armenia. After a comeback stint in the Yerevan penalty area, Dan Ndwi was sent off in the 53rd minute for an alleged yellow-red gulp. Outnumbered, Pjunik Yerevan dominated the match and pushed FCB mostly into his own half. But because the Armenians’ attempts to finish created little danger, “Red and Blue” survived the big tremors in the end.

FCB goalkeeper Mirco Salvi only had to defeat once. After 72 minutes, Liam Millar allowed the ball to be stolen from his team’s penalty area. Aleksandr Karapetyan hit the post, and Luka Juricic converted from close range to make it 1:2.

Strong first stroke

Before Ndwi was awarded an unnecessary red card, Basel dominated the game in the first half. Darianne Malles opened the scoring after 17 minutes after being fired from deep by Andy Diouf. And after 13 minutes, Anton Kady, newcomer to the Conference League, grabbed a 2-0 victory. Enjoy great freedom in the penalty area and hit the ball into the corner.


Goal scorer 2: 0 and the defeated goalkeeper

Anton Cady and David Yurchenko.

Keystone / EPA / Photo

Bayern refrained from any offensive efforts in the second half, but defended tightly, forcing Yerevan to try their luck with long-range shots. Alex Frei’s side managed not to lose their 2-0 lead in the Conference League for the second time in a row. Thanks to the victory in Armenia – on Asian lands – winters in Basel in Europe.

Missed the group win

Because Slovan Bratislava did not show any weaknesses in the parallel match in Group H and beat Zalgiris 2-1 against Vilnius, Basel finished the group stage with second place. The Lithuanians responded to Aleksandr Kafrić’s double shot (15/23) with a goal by Francis Kerima (47), but that was all it took.

This means that FC Basel will continue next year in the middle round of the Conference League against a third party of the European League. The first leg will take place on February 16, with the return leg a week later. The draw for this round will be held in Nyon next Monday.