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1st place for Selena Bowman

1st place for Selena Bowman

They were persuasive – not just class leader Astrid Wiegartner (second from left) and university president Ursula Puget: Simone Flair (left), Leonie Eberl, Selena Baumann, Jonas Drexler and Sarah Steinhauser. – Photo: VA

“What could be more beautiful than crawling into a cozy corner on a gray winter’s day and reading a thrilling book?” – With these words from Rector Ursula Pouget the indoor reading competition for the sixth grade of elementary and middle school Eging began in the decorated hall.

In the lead up to class, students are immersed in the exciting world of books. Everyone chose an age-appropriate book, introduced the content and main characters and read a script they had prepared independently for their classmates. Special emphasis was placed on reading technology and reading lectures. Selena Baumann, Jonas Drexler, Leonie Eberle, Simone Flier and Sarah Steinhauser qualified for the final round. There they also had to convince the jury, made up of teachers Astrid Hermann and Gerhard Funk, and supporting teacher Nicole Messinger. At first they offered a text of their choice, then an unknown text awaited them – one section each from “Rico, Oscar and Deep Shadows.”

The jury’s decision was eagerly awaited: Selena Baumann was chosen as the winner, who presented Liz Kessler with an “invisible surprise.” Jonas Drexler came second and Simone Flair third. For all three, there were book vouchers that were donated by the Parents Council. The competition is musically framed by fellow class e Michael Fischer with his own Styrian event. – va