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15-year-old secretly pricked herself and died

15-year-old secretly pricked herself and died

Despite parental bans, a young Brazilian woman pierced herself. However, the spot became infected and the girl died after that.

The basics in brief

  • A 15-year-old woman died of an infection in Brazil.
  • She pulled herself when she stabbed her self-piercing eyebrow.
  • You did not disinfect the needle or the skin when pricked.

15-year-old Brazilian wanted مطلوب necessarily superhero in the eyebrow. as her Mother Not allowing her to be stabbed, she took action on her own without further ado.

Isabella Eduarda de Sousa stabbed a friend of hers, as the Brazilian newspaper O Globo wrote. But they did not sterilize the needle or the place where it was piercing sting It must be. This is out worry Alcohol causes a burning pain when stinging.

As a result, Isabella developed an infection. Three days later she had her on the left Eye swollen and irritated. The girl was later admitted to the intensive care unit, where she was intubated. She suffered cardiac arrest four times.

The Brazilian woman died eight days later in the intensive care unit. Her aunt does not blame the friend who helped with the piercing, she told the newspaper.

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