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13 Final statement on the German factory Tesla>

If bureaucracy works like democracy, Tesla can now start at the German Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin: this week, the company received only other partial approvals, subject to further development of the project. But the reason for this can be seen from the fact that 13 affected authorities and companies recently announced that they had no concerns about the Tesla plant for their area of ​​responsibility. It seems that a closing statement is still hanging from three bodies.

41 pages of Tesla’s statement

First of all, the Brandenburg Environment Ministry reported this week that the State Environment Office has Tesla has given other pre-approvals to the German Gigafactory – Including the establishment of a battery production hall and working around the clock and on Sundays. In the announcement, the department said all relevant authorities will continue to assume that Tesla will also likely receive final approval. This goes without saying, because this “expectation of positive consent” is a prerequisite for obtaining informed consent.

And therefore, what is most interesting is the information in the full text of one of Tesla’s new approvals, which was posted a little later on Twitter. The previous long approval process is described in 41 pages – It started at the end of 2019 with the first Tesla app – sums up. Part of this is information that the government’s environment agency has obtained statements from a total of 16 “authorities and affected persons” regarding the latest advance applications. And on the 13th, the text says that they commented not only on it, but also finally on the Tesla project as a whole, without objecting to it.

Their final statements result in “the basic approval capacity of the project with respect to the issues which the relevant specialized authority should concern themselves with”, is the formulation of the State Office. The 13 official bodies (10 authorities and 3 companies such as DB Services Immobilien) have evaluated the aspects that have their technical responsibility for the entire Gigafactory project. For example, one can see from the text that the municipality of Grünheide or Berliner Wasserbetriebe, within the scope of its responsibilities, has no concerns that would stand in the way of approval.

The Water Association has concerns

It appears that two other authorities – including the State Environment Office itself which has at least five units – have yet to release any definitive statements. This list also does not include the lowest supervisory authority on buildings in the Oder-Spree region (the coordinating body under the Federal Immigration Control Act, as it is called) and the state’s road system. Apparently the Strausberg-Erkner Water Association has yet to issue a definitive statement either. According to the state environment agency, it was also the only agency with concerns about the latest advance permits issued.