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1:3 - FC Verden 04 stuck deep for the first time

1:3 – FC Verden 04 stuck deep for the first time

Watch the traffic light card: Ferdinand Kevin Brandis (right) was, according to coach Frank Neubarth, the victim of a “representational act.” FC lost the blow at Ahlerstedt 1:3. Archive photo: Westermann

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Werden – Match 12 was the fate of FC Werden 04: With 1:3 (0:1) at the top of the regional league in SV Ahlerstedt/Ottendorf, Newbarth Elf conceded their first defeat of the season on Sunday, retaining one. But the derby of the week against TSV Etelsen tops the table.

“We deserved to lose, even though it was okay in terms of fighting,” Frank Neubarth said. The coach also gave the main reason: “The hosts won the majority of duels, and this was decisive today.” For there was nothing comically achievable in the deep court: “Most of the time the ball was in the air, Ahlerstedter in front through their tall companions had advantages.”

In their defense, Allerstädter made a good character at the start, but they lost a lot of balls in midfield. Before the break, Jonas Ostermann and Moritz Schmuckel had good chances, but the home team was also dangerous several times. After extending the goal kick with his head, the football club defended poorly, and Corvin Hooft took advantage of it 1-0 (38). Neubarth complained that his team was denied a penalty kick after a foul on Robert Bosilek.

Kevin Brands Sees Yellow and Red After ‘Acting’

In the second division, the Werden residents also managed to cheer: Ostermann hit the corner with a skewed shot from 16 meters to reach 1:1 (50th place). Ahlerstedt still lurked on the counterattack and tried the long balls. The game in Verden was no different. Darvin Stüve was marked 2:1 (68) when FC’s cap wasn’t present enough in the middle during a left-sided attack.

In the remainder of the time, Verden didn’t even have a good chance as he ceded the 1:3 excess of Höft after a long ball (84). Kevin Brandes got a traffic light card (86) after a “play” from a host, Neubarth saw. vde