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13 design failures that show how smart people work

13 design failures that show how smart people work

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from: Nadia Goldhammer


Extra layer design fails. © reddit: u / Appful_Rich_663 / reddit: u / TooHardToChoosePG

“I’ll do it with my left hand, boss!”

It’s a shame you’re better off with your right hand…

1. People can think of the rest themselves:

2. This is the healthiest burger I’ve ever seen:

3. I believe that no matter which way you turn … I will never climb these stairs:

4. You need to know how to help yourself.


5. Funny…so funny…

6. If you want to do a handstand in the shower:

7. I think everyone on the street now hates this guy who left his car there for days:

8. My life in a nutshell:

9. Well, it sure is clean:

10. It is forbidden to enter and vice versa … This means that you can pass. excellent!

11. This makes me a little aggressive.

12. Someone thought she was particularly funny:

13. If the inhabitants of the house argue, everyone still has something from the balcony:

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